EMILY PERRIN – Director of the road ahead

“I recently worked with Natasha on my short film, ‘The Road Ahead’. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Natasha and exploring her character, Elle, together.

From the offset she brought lots of ideas to the table and crafted her character with depth and emotion which was extremely effective on-screen. Throughout the shoot she was dedicated to the film (arriving promptly and in bright spirits) and was devoted to her character and it was clear that she had spent a significant amount of time delving into her character’s psyche to give a realistic and heartfelt performance. Natasha was committed to her character and the film as a whole and is someone I would highly recommend and would love to work with again on a future project!”


She did amazing. She was incredible, we were floored by her and quite simply, she has IT. She
has great talent, wonderful use of naturalism, an amazing speaking voice and lovely aura about her, also a beautiful presence. To say we would love to work with her in the future, is a massive understatement”

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